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Revitalize your hair care routine with Remi’s Triple Acid Exfoliator, a unique blend of powerful AHA and BHA compounds designed to invigorate and nourish. This innovative product is your answer to common scalp concerns like dryness, dandruff, psoriasis, and itchiness. By gently removing debris, it sets the stage for unimpeded hair growth and optimal scalp health. Our exfoliator stands out with its ability to soothe and calm without drying the skin. It meticulously rebalances the scalp’s surface, treating issues such as flaking, soreness, and pimples. Moreover, it effectively slows down excess sebum production while providing a protective barrier against harmful bacteria. The result? A harmoniously balanced scalp and hair that radiates beauty. Why is Remi’s exfoliator a must-have in your hair care arsenal? The scalp has a higher density of sebaceous glands compared to the face, making it prone to a unique set of challenges. Sweat, dead skin cells, natural oils, environmental pollutants, and residue from hair products contribute to a buildup that can block pores and impede hair strength and growth. This accumulation, if not addressed, leads to various scalp issues and hinders the overall health of your hair. To combat this, regular removal of buildup is crucial. Remi’s exfoliator does just that, ensuring your scalp is returned to its fullest health. It’s an essential step towards achieving strong, vibrant hair and promoting healthy hair growth. By integrating scalp exfoliation into your regular hair care routine, you’re not just treating your scalp; you’re elevating the entire health and appearance of your hair. Experience the transformative effect of Remi’s Triple Acid Exfoliator. It’s more than just a treatment; it’s a revolution in hair care, promising healthier, gorgeous hair. Embrace this essential step and watch as your hair flourishes like never before. Add Remi’s Bye Bye Build Up to your regime today!


Shake bottle well before use. Brush your hair through. Use as a pre shampoo treatment. Tilt your head back. Use nozzle to apply directly onto the scalp. Leave on for 2 mins (first time users/sensitive scalp) Leave on for 10 mins (experienced user/congested scalp). Overtime, increase timings accordingly. Rinse well and begin to shampoo.


Suitable for all hair & scalp types