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MyClarins is a new generation skincare range for women under age 30. It offers the skin the best of nature in order to be as healthy as possible: it provides only what’s healthy and good while removing all the bad. No more. No less. 9 beneficial products that respect the day/night timeline of all skin types in order to hydrate, re-balance and enhance their beauty day after day. Inside you’ll find fruits, floral waters and botanical extracts with unique energizing and detoxifying ability.

The MyClarins skin care range was developed to meet the needs of young millennials’ skin. The efficacy of its ‘recipe’ is based on:

The “HEALTHY SKIN [IN & OUT] COMPLEX”: a new botanical complex combining organic coconut water and an extract of Alpenrose optimizes the delivery of nutrients to cells
A “pretty skin cocktail” based on plant extracts, helps fight specifically against all types of imperfections (from combination to dry skin) and promotes radiance and hydration.
An anti-pollution complex helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of pollution (both indoors and outdoors).
This blur visibly reduces the appearance of pores for smooth, clear skin. Excess sebum is absorbed and skin is matte and silky soft. Day after day pores are less visible.

The pink stick texture smoothes over the skin upon application and transforms into a gentle, non-oily sensation.

Key Ingredients:
Organic strawberry tree extract and chrysin tightens pores and reduces skin shine.

Apply locally by smoothing over skin after your day cream or touch up any time of the day over make-up using gentle patting motions.