Masvelt Advanced Body Shaping Cream


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What is it?
This iconic, highly effective body cream provides threefold slimming, firming and sculpting action. It fights resistant fat by slowing down its movement to the fat cells in order to limit the storage of new fat. It also promotes and accelerates the removal of excess fat. The Arctic ferment extract used in the formula possesses targeted anti-storage properties that take action with several complementary mechanisms. Ever more natural formula containing 96% natural ingredients.
Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily
Texture: Cream
Use: Every day, morning and night. HOW TO?
What makes it so special?
Firmer, smoother skin.
Skin is intensely moisturised, soft and silky.
Wrinkles are smoothed and the figure redefined.
Slimmed arms, hips, knees, stomach and waist.
The Arctic Ocean had to be explored at a depth of more than 2,700 metres to find a valuable Arctic ferment: a natural postbiotic that was then cultivated by biotechnology and from which an extraordinarily effective extract could be developed.