Clarins Lip Comfort Oils NEW 8 Shades


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What is it?

Lip Comfort Oil is a great base for colour: it doesn’t compromise on shine, nourishment and comfort. Its formula has been perfected and enriched with 93% naturally-sourced ingredients, including 30% ultra-nourishing botanical oils, namely organic jojoba, hazelnut and organic rosehip star extract oil. In addition to providing nourishment and comfort, this extract helps to strengthen the barrier function and to, therefore, protect against environmental damage.
Lip Comfort Oil, a cocktail of unique oils that provides lips with thirst-quenching hydration, nourishment, protection and repair. Lips are immediately and durably calmed, soothed and moisturised.
  • Skin Type: Normal, Oily, Combination, Dry
  • Texture: Oil
  • Use: Any time of day!
What makes it so special?
  • Shiny, glossy pout.
  • Moisturised, nourished and comforted lips.

Key Ingredients

  • Organic jojoba
  • organic hazelnut
  • organic sweetbriar rose - hydrate & nourish